Signs that Tell You Need to See a Vascular Specialist

The vascular system is known as the circulatory system. It is a network of blood vessels, veins, arteries, and capillaries. Your heart pumps blood and your arteries take the oxygen and blood to all the organs in the body. And, the veins bring the blood back to the heart. The thing that connects arteries with […]

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How to Know If You Are At Risk of Stroke?

Can anyone have a stroke? Well, it can happen to anyone, however, diabetics are two times more likely to have a stroke than people who don’t have diabetes. We have often seen or heard that only old people have a stroke, but it’s not true. Not only the older people have a stroke but certain […]

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips That Prevent Diseases

Everybody wants to live a healthy life. And it’s your daily habits that decide how you are going to live. You may want to do swimming, hiking, gardening, or just want to feel energized throughout the day. Unfortunately, 6 out of 10 adults struggle with chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. Not only […]

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Love Your Heart: Top 10 Superfoods for Cardiovascular Health

Nowadays, cases of heart disease have increased drastically. We have come to know about many personalities who ended their lives because of heart attacks. The increase in cases has been noticed since the Corona era. We must think about this on a serious note. We must protect our hearts so that we can enjoy our […]

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Vascular Dementia: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatments

Vascular dementia (VaD) is a condition characterised by cognitive changes that can impact various thinking skills. It often leads to difficulties in memory, speech, and balance. Cognitive abilities may naturally decline with age. But in certain instances, cognitive impairment can be attributed to specific conditions, like vascular dementia (VaD). Unlike other forms of dementia, vascular […]

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What Are the Main Causes of Stroke?

Anyone at any age can have a stroke. Understanding the symptoms and what can cause stroke will probably lower your risk for stroke. In this blog, you will find the main causes of stroke or brain attack. Read out the blog till the end to know if you are at risk of stroke and what […]

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Steps You Can Take to Prevent Chronic Diseases

We all know that good food habits help us prevent many health diseases. Nowadays, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, lung disease, and diabetes are the common cause of people’s death. But, you will be happy to know that these four big chronic diseases can be prevented by adopting a good and healthy lifestyle. Before we step into […]

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Health Hazards Caused by Drug Abuse on the Cardiovascular System

The millennials and the Gen-Z represent the young working class and the teenagers of our current society. They are the representatives of the young, vibrant future of the nation. But this section of society is also the major consumer of drugs and addictive substances. You will find a huge fraction of the youth population who […]

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Adverse Effects of Alcohol on the Cardiovascular System

Alcohol is an accomplice in the extreme moments of one’s life; be it in times of celebration or heartbreak, weddings or funerals. Yet, for some people, alcohol is like bread and butter, something without which their day seems incomplete. This article is intended for those people who do not wait for any special occasions to […]

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Essential tips to maintain your nervous system’s good health
Essential tips to maintain your nervous system health

Brain, the centre of all the activities, requires the best food and lifestyle habits to help other parts of the body function well. With drastic changes in our habits, there comes side effects, and it directly affects our brain. You don’t like a bumpy road, do you? Then how would you like if your nervous […]

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