Professorial Clinics Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

  1. This is a Professorial clinic it will give maximum benefit to the patient group who are referred by other specialists more so if with a complication.
  2. Consultations will be time consuming and extensive with the dictum of diagnose before you prescribe.
  3. Focus is not on volumes but bias will be in longitudinal care and management Achievements

Professional Journey

  1. One of the youngest Professorship in Surgery before the age of 40.
  2. Ten Outstanding Young Person of Nepal for contribution to surgical services in Nepal
  3. Established interest in the ethics of health care delivery and surgical education.
  4. Supervisor of FCPS OF CPSP for general surgery

MBBS 1992 Devi Ahalya University Indore India
MS Gen Surgery1997 Barkatullah University Bhopal India
Specialist Training Vascular Surgery 1999 Singapore General Hospital Post Graduate Medical Institute Singapore


Thoracic Surgeries:

This is my area of interest

Have about 20 years thoracic surgery experience.
Expertise ranges from infectious / malignant / congenital / traumatic issues of the chest wall and lungs

  1. Pneumonectomy / lobectomy - open and VATS
  2. Decortication open/VATS
  3. Esophageal surgeries
  4. Rib fixations
  5. Mediastinal surgeries SPECIAL INTEREST
  1. Stroke prevention a) Endovascular and b) open carotid procedures (Endarterectomy, stenting, carotid bypass)
  2. Aortic diseases - complete care or dissections, aneurysm, occlusive and traumatic conditions of aorta Endovascular and open.
  3. Bad limbs - swollen, painful limbs or limbs with black/ blue toes.
  4. Limb salvage and amputation prevention
  5. Diabetic foot - complete neural and Vascular assessment and planning from prophylactic, elective or emergent diabetic foot surgery
  6. Trauma
  7. Venous clinic a) Chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins - LASER /RFA / ENDOSCOPIC. b) DVT- Thrombectomy, / lysis and reconstruction.
  8. Dialysis access clinic - creation and salvage of fistula both simple / transposed and grafts along with chronic peritoneal (TENCHKOFF) and tunnelled (PERM)

I have wide set of expertise in Vascular interventions

  1. Tumor embolizations (Hepatic, Uterine, Prostatic etc)
  2. Trauma embolization of bleeding viscera and solid organs Bronchial artery, Splenic artery, Superior rectal artery, Gastroduodenal artery and various bleeding issues

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