Essential tips to maintain your nervous system health

Brain, the centre of all the activities, requires the best food and lifestyle habits to help other parts of the body function well. With drastic changes in our habits, there comes side effects, and it directly affects our brain. You don’t like a bumpy road, do you? Then how would you like if your nervous system had bumps and potholes? So, to avoid having potholes in your nervous network system it is best to follow certain rules such as:

Provide them with supplies

The nerves need to be healthy for sending electrical impulses to the brain and back. For that, they require vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Luckily we have food available in our kitchen that can provide an ample amount of these compounds to our body. You would never guess they are delicious ones.

  • Calcium and potassium intake can be fueled by milk and fishes. They help in regulating the electrical impulses, transmitted and generated by the nerves. People who have a deficiency of these elements may suffer from diseases like epilepsy. If you not much of a fan of milk, then you can have pomegranates, bananas, prunes for potassium. For calcium, you need to have leafy green vegetables and eggs.
  • Vitamin B helps the nerves in the brain to send impulses to the body. You need to have an adequate amount of Vitamin B1, B2, and B6.
  • Dark chocolate is a very rich source of tryptophan. This acts as a neurotransmitter helping the nerve ending to send the signal to other nerve endings effectively.

Protecting nerves with vitamin B

Vitamin B has a big role to play in keeping our nervous system healthy. Nerves are coated by a protective sheath called the myelin sheath. It is similar to the covering of the electric wire, insulating nerves from the transmission. If you know about Alzheimer’s, it is a condition caused by the disruption of this myelin sheath. This is where vitamin B is required. Beef, eggs, poultry, and seafood are a rich source of vitamin B making the nerves healthy again.

Folate is another vitamin B compound that guards the nerves against other chemicals that can damage them. You can also find this vitamin in pomegranates, beets, and spinach.

Do regular yoga and other exercises

Today we lead a very stressful life. Sometimes we are stressed out so much by our relationships, work, and traveling that our brain starts producing a huge amount of stress hormone, cortisol. This hormone can have a damaging effect on our body and nervous system if it is produced constantly. It can hamper the memory, concentration, and reflexes of the person.

People go into panic attacks, depression, suffer anxiety due to over secretion of this hormone.  So, it becomes very essential to control the secretion by keeping your happy hormones like dopamine coming in. an easy way to bring them out is by doing yoga. Breathing techniques are one of the best relaxing exercises. This regulates the secretion of relaxing hormones contrasting the effects of stress hormones. Slowly the cortisol levels come down.

With regular yoga practices, you can see the changes in your body which is the reflection of a healthy nervous system. This improvement produces a sense of well-being in our body and mind. It is, for this reason, doctors emphasize following yoga practices daily.

Shift to healthy habits

In this fast-forward lifestyle we often forget to do what is good for our body. Exercising is just one method to help your nerves function properly. With proper practices, there is an increase in the activity of the peripheral parts indirectly strengthening the nerves to stay healthy.

One can also have herbal teas such as green or matcha tea that will help in stimulating the secretion of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin. Drinking these types of tea instead of coffee and milk tea can help in maintaining a healthy nervous system, enhance your mood, concentration, problem-solving capacity, and focus. Theanine is the substance present in green tea that is responsible for having a positive impact on your body. Whereas caffeine can cause troubles in many ways.

Stay away from foods such as……

If you want to maintain a healthy nervous system you need to keep certain food out of your diet chart. Here is a list of certain food that you must steer clear of.

Sugary stuff

Whenever we go out most of us buy sugary drinks to get at the moment but did you know how it is affecting your body and brain. According to the renowned vascular surgeon in Delhi, too many sugary drinks can raise the odds of developing serious medical issues such as type II diabetes, and in many cases Alzheimer’s’ disease.

In many cases, it can cause dementia as well. High-fructose corn syrup is known to be harmful compounds found in sugary drinks causing impairment of learning and memory and inflammation of the brain.

Refined carbs

Must have heard good things should be eaten in small quantities. The same can be said about refined carbohydrates. As they contain a large amount of sugar and white flour causes a spike in insulin levels and blood sugar. They have a high glycemic index and high glycemic load. This can impair the intelligence and memory of adults and children.

Refined carbs are also responsible for poor memory in kids. Further, it can also cause brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimers’.

Food with high trans-fat index

There are two types of trans fat. One that is available naturally and the other prepared artificially. Artificial trans-fat is known to have a bad effect on our brain and body. Having too much such food can cause a variety of vascular diseases. Moreover, it also puts a person at risk of having Alzheimer’s. removing trans-fat from your diet completely and replacing it with unsaturated fat is a good way to start.

Highly processed food

If you have a sweet tooth or can’t say no to highly processed food, then you need to think again. Studies show that these types of food can bring negative changes in plasticity of the brain, cause learning impairment, memory loss with unnecessary weight gain. They usually lead to accumulation of fat around the organs and that can cause decline in the activity of brain tissue.


All these years if you’ve been following wrong habits and consuming wrong food, then it’s time to bring small changes in you. These small changes can help you avert severe damages to the brain that can lead to degenerative diseases of the brain.