Preparing for Your First Visit to a Vascular Surgeon Here’s What to Do

If the blood is not flowing smoothly, our body will stop functioning properly. Our blood-vessels – arteries carry oxygen-rich blood and the veins carry blood back to the heat. And these are the roadways of our circulatory system. When it stops working or functioning properly then it can create “traffic jams” in our circulatory system. Vascular surgeons are specialists who treat all types of vascular diseases.

Let’s know more about vascular surgeons to know who are they and what they do? Also, we will discuss how to prepare for first visit to

What are vascular surgeons and what do they do?

Vascular surgeons are the specialists of vascular surgery, who do more than a surgery. Well, they are highly trained in treating all types of vascular diseases. They recommend surgeries and treatments to their patients but more than this, they ensure their patient know more options related to their health issues. They only recommend for vascular surgery when it’s necessary.

Because many other vascular conditions can be treated and cured with medication and exercises. So, it’s good and necessary to consult a reliable and professional vascular surgeon to more about your vascular disease and treatment.

So, now comes the question that who and when one can visit a vascular surgeon in Delhi NCR?

Who needs to see a vascular surgeon?

Following are those people or patients who need to see a vascular surgeon: –

  • Patients with aneurysms
  • Patients with kidney failure
  • Patients with carotid and blockage
  • Peripheral arteries disease patients
  • Varicose veins, spider veins or leg ulcers patients

All these types of patients need to see a vascular surgeon. They are the only professional who can offer best treatment to this wide-ranging group of patients.

How to know you need to see a vascular surgeon?

Patients are usually referred to vascular surgeons by their primary care physicians. When they are unable to diagnose the disease, or the problem is severe then they recommend to see the specialists that is a vascular surgeon.

If you always consult a doctor for leg pain, or you found that you are peripheral arteries disease patient then you might need to see a vascular surgeon. Also, you would be the candidate of regular meeting with a vascular surgeon if you are: – a smoker, diabetic, or high blood pressure patient.

How to find a vascular surgeon near you and book an appointment?

There are many ways through which you can find a good vascular surgeon near you and book an appointment. Get referrals from your known persons, but it’s not necessary that you will get referrals from friends and colleagues. Hence, you can simply rely on online sites. Search for the best vascular surgeons in Delhi NCR online.

You will even find the team of professional and experienced vascular surgeons in Delhi NCR through online portals. There you can see their fees or charges, patients’ feedback or reviews, addresses, and phone numbers.

Today there are many websites that help you to get connect with good and professional vascular surgeon to get world class, non-invasive, or minimal-invasive endovascular surgery treatments. The doctors will suggest or recommend the best treatment considering your health condition. So, you will get in touch with the vascular surgeons who offer all types of treatment modalities that are best for your condition to treat your vascular diseases.

After booking an appointment with your vascular surgeon, get ready for your first visit.

How to prepare for an appointment with vascular surgeon?

What to wear?

Wear comfortable and casual dress when you are going to see a vascular surgeon. If you are having problem in your leg then be ready to remove your shoes, socks and also pants to allow an adequate examination. You can wear three-quarter pants or any loose-fitting pants that can be easily folded up when the surgeon will examine your leg.

Usually, some special kind of gowns and shorts are available in the clinics or hospitals which you may ask to wear at the time of counselling.

What should you take along with you when going to see a vascular surgeon?

It is important to be prepared when visiting to a vascular surgeon. You must give him all the necessary details like any previous procedure history, complete background, and testing that will assist your surgeon in diagnosing and find the best treatment for you as per your condition. So, when you are visiting you must take the followings: –

  • Take a list of medications that you are taking.
  • Take your recent blood test report.
  • Take the reports that must have been performed in your previous treatment procedure. This might include ultrasound, Ct Scans, Angiograms, or MRI examinations report.

What to tell your surgeon?

You need to tell your vascular surgeon about how long symptoms have been present, when and where they occur and also talk about its severity.

Your surgeon will do a physical examination to diagnose the disease and this will help them for further assessment. They may tell to do a non-invasive laboratory examination which use ultrasound to evaluate the blockage in the veins and arteries.

Make sure you know what to tell, inform, and discuss with your vascular surgeon. This will assist your surgeon to find the right treatment whether surgery or medication whatever will be the best for you.

But, make sure to consult a professional and experienced vascular surgeon in Delhi NCR with good reviews and ratings.